Our Story

A Brief History of The Austin Stone

The Austin Stone Community Church began in Matt and Jen Carter’s small south Austin apartment in 2002. Ten people gathered together for that first meeting, longing to see a church rooted in the gospel, marrying the richness of theological truth with deep compassion for the city. The tiny congregation prayed from Ephesians 3:20 on that first night, asking God to do far more abundantly than they could ask for or imagine. And He did.

The Austin Stone has grown from that small gathering in 2002 to one church meeting in six locations across Austin. As our church has grown, our passion has remained the same. Every single ministry of The Austin Stone is an expression of our original vision to be a people rooted in biblical truth, propelled by love for those around them.

We have sent hundreds to proclaim the gospel amongst the unreached, trained thousands to live out their faith in the workplace and at home, equipped parents to care for and lead their children as Jesus has called them, supported church planters in Austin and around the nation, partnered with non-profits to address suffering in the city, and still we are asking God to do far more in our church, our city, and our world.

Come and be a part of what God is doing in and through The Austin Stone.

Why We’re Called “The Austin Stone”

If you spend enough time in Central Texas, you’re bound to see historic courthouses, churches, and homes built of impossibly white, expertly carved Texas limestone — or as it’s known to some around here, Austin stone.

Buildings crafted from Austin stone are an unmistakable part of the landscape. But the stones didn’t just appear ready-made; they were mined from limestone quarries deep underground. In fact, if you dig deep enough anywhere in Austin, you’ll find it. Our city is built on Austin stone.

The Apostle Peter compares believers to stones being laid on top of each other to build a new, living temple where God’s presence can dwell, and Peter calls Jesus the cornerstone (1 Peter 2:4-10 ESV). The cornerstone is the first stone set for the foundation. Every other stone beside or on top of it will be laid in line with the cornerstone. In order for the building to be straight, stable, and sound, the cornerstone has to be perfect.

A church that isn’t built on the living and dynamic love of Jesus will never truly flourish. Jesus Christ is our cornerstone, our Austin stone. Our hope is that with Christ as the cornerstone of our church, God will work in amazing ways to transform the lives of people in the city of Austin and beyond. We pray that God will do incredible things and that people from all walks of life and backgrounds will come to know Christ as their cornerstone, Lord, and Savior.