Immanuel. God with us. Let’s receive that miracle this Advent season: a God who has entered into this world in human form so that we would not be left alone in our sin and suffering, that He would be with us in both the significant and the small.

Here are some resources to help you reflect on the miracle of Jesus this season.

Featured Resource

Advent Liturgies

We invite you to follow along with this year’s new digital Advent calendar. Each day we will share an excerpt from The Austin Stone Institute’s Words for Winter, a collection of liturgies to help you and your family worship our King during Advent, Christmas, and on into the new year. We hope these liturgies encourage your heart and move you toward Jesus, our beloved Savior, throughout and after the holiday season. To purchase Words for Winter, visit

Additional Resources

Advent Devotional

The Austin Stone Advent Devotional was created to connect you with Christ and His people this Christmas season. This resource includes a personal, small group, mealtime, and kid-friendly devotional. It is our hope that this resource will stir your heart to worship the arrival of our King this Advent season. We also have an audio version of our kid-friendly devotional that can be listened to on its own or alongside the family devotional. Scroll down to listen now!

Advent Devotional

Kids Ornament Book

Be sure to download the Kids Ornament Book! Designed to be used alongside The Austin Stone Advent Devotional, this resource invites kids to color an ornament before, during, or after you read the family Advent devotional together. There is a picture for each day of Advent and, as the number of pictures displayed in your home grows, we pray that your family’s joy in celebrating the birth of Christ will grow as well.

Kids Ornament Book

Advent Family Devotional (Audio)

We’ve created an audio version of our kid-friendly Advent devotional. This can be listened to on it’s own, but is best utilized alongside the family devotional.