Art by Helen Chang


The Fall

Genesis 3:1-7; 2:9 & Ephesians 2:12-18 & 2 Peter 1:3-4

Just over 2,000 years ago, around this time, Mary was about to give birth, filled with anticipation. We all know the story. We’ve dressed our children up as shepherds, glued cotton balls to paper to make sheep, and set out figurines in a nativity. But the story of the birth of Jesus began long before that day, long before Mary was even born.

The story of Christmas is written in every page of the Bible. Let’s start at the beginning, the day everything went wrong.

Read Genesis 3:1-7

What three reasons led Eve to eat the fruit?

Read Genesis 2:9

What are the two qualities of every tree in the garden? How does God’s provision in 2:9 make Eve’s reasons in 3:6 even more foolish?

Eve ate the fruit in order to fulfill desires that God had already offered to meet. Think through the sinful thoughts/feelings/actions you identified at the start of the guide.

What do you think are the core desires behind those tendencies? At the very bottom of your heart—what are your needs you are seeking to have satisfied?

Read Ephesians 2:12-18

There was a time when the world lay in sin and error, pining for love, happiness, security, and joy. No matter how much people consumed the things of the world, they were still hungry. Satisfaction was impossible. Because those cravings can only be satisfied in God and because of sin, there was a dividing wall of hostility between us and God. But at Christmas we celebrate God’s great gift of satisfaction. God sent His Son so that we might have access to Him, the fulfillment of all our desires.

Read 2 Peter 1:3-4

Consider all you have received through the gift of Christ! Now look again at those core desires behind your sin tendencies. How can those hungers be satisfied through the great and precious promises of God?

See the compassion of God in the face of Christ. God has not left you to battle your sin alone. He does not expect you to pick blind obedience over the deepest desires of your life. Instead, He has come in the flesh so that He could win back for you all the things your heart craves in Him. How do we fight sin? We fight it with superior satisfaction in Immanuel, God with us!