Art by Jaxon Lindsey


The Prophecies

Luke 4:16-21 & John 1:9-13; 3:19-21 & Ezekiel 36:24-27

Raising the dead and healing the sick are miracles. They are significant.

Waking up this morning, going about the details of your day with faith in your heart, these things seem small.

At Christmas we celebrate the gift of a Savior who doesn’t just deliver us out of darkness but who shines light in our hearts to help us believe, to see the miracles He is working all around us. The miracle of daily faith is evidence that God is with us in all things.

Read Luke 4:16-21

Jesus quotes the prophet Isaiah and then rolls up the scroll. All eyes were fixed on Him as He confesses that He is the One Isaiah prophesied about. He is the Messiah.

Read John 1:9-13

Why do you think that Jesus’s own people did not receive Him? Did they not have enough evidence? Were the prophets too vague?

Jesus plainly told the people that He was the Messiah of whom the prophets spoke. Not only that, His works were great enough that people could have believed on account of His works alone. Nevertheless, many did not believe Jesus.

Read John 3:19-21

According to this passage, why don’t people believe Jesus is who He says He is?

Trusting in Jesus is truly a miracle that can only be accomplished by God Himself on our behalf. In order to believe, we need God to give us a new heart.

When you feel doubt in your heart, how do you handle it? Do you try to will yourself into faith? Do you ignore the feeling and shrug it off? Or do you remember that Christ is with you now, producing the miracle of faith in your heart?

As you go about your day today, pray that God would make you conscious of the ways He is working through the random and small tasks you face.

Read Ezekiel 36:24-27

Christmas is the fulfillment of God’s promise to give a new heart and spirit. Christmas is the gift of a new way of living. This new way is Immanuel, God with us, because Jesus was born! Jesus fulfilled the prophecies by living in holy submission to God, even to the point of death on a cross. In so doing, He purchased you for Himself. Now that God is with us and in us, He is the One causing us to cling to Him with all of our new heart.