Art by Kristin Kronk


The Good News

Luke 2:8-10 & 1 Corinthians 10:31

"Look again at the answers you wrote down to the questions from the "Before You Begin" section of this site. This Christmas Eve, just consider all that you’re walking through right now.

Take a few moments, put your head down, and close your eyes. Tell God the truth about how you and He are doing this Christmas Eve. Tell Him if there are any parts of your life where you feel like you are just sleepwalking. Ask Him to break through your sleepy tasks today with glad tidings of Immanuel, God with us.

How has this year been different than what you planned with God? Have you lived out the significant life you crave? Or have the small moments cannibalized everything, leaving you feeling like an outsider in the radical stories God is writing?

Read Luke 2:8-10

What were the shepherds doing when the angel came? What did the angel say to them? What did the shepherds do after the angels left? What did the shepherds do after they had made known what had been told them?

Think of those shepherds. They were minding their own business, doing their normal daily tasks, absolutely unaware that on the other side of town, cows and sheep were witnessing the world being turned upside down. But God broke through and interrupted their everyday tasks with the truth that changed everything. So they scrambled over hillsides, set their eyes on their Savior and worshiped and celebrated God’s greatest gift. Then they went back to their mundane tasks, but they went back changed, glorifying and praising God.

Sometimes we want so badly for God to interrupt our lives, pull us out of the mundane, and place us in the middle of the magical, but Christmas is better than that. Christmas says God came down to be with us in the mundane, and by doing that, He made the mundane magical.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:31

God doesn’t ask us to leave our small tasks in order to become significant. He comes with us into the small, making even those things significant. Because of Christmas, everything ordinary has become extraordinary. Eating, drinking, working, sleeping—we can do it all as the shepherds did, glorifying and praising God because we know that God is with us!

Think about the small tasks set before you today. What would it look like to do those things as if you had just learned that Jesus was alive and with you? What would be different in your heart, in your words, and in your behavior?