The Giant

1 Samuel 17:1-50*

A battle was brewing in the valley of Elah.

God’s people were on one side, nervously eyeing the Philistines opposite them. David came running up to the valley, looking for his brothers. He was wiggling his way through soldiers when a voice thundered in his ears. A giant Philistine, as big as a bear, had stepped forward. “I am Goliath!” he roared. “I am the fighter for the Philistines. Send out a fighter, Israel! One man! If I beat him, you become our slaves!” A cheer rose from the Philistines while groans rumbled through the Israelites. David stared at Goliath, thinking, How dare he! This is God’s army! He will not get away with this.

David found King Saul and said, “I will be the one man to fight for Israel!” Saul examined young David and snickered. “Goliath is an enormous warrior! You’re a kid!” David knew this, but this wasn’t the first time David had faced a scary enemy. “Once, I was with the sheep, and a bellowing bear came to steal one for dinner. God helped me kill the bear. Another time, a lurking lion crept up on my herd. Again, God helped me. I killed the lion. Today, I will face Goliath. God will help me, like He always does. I will kill the giant.” So David went to face Goliath, one person fighting for all the people of Israel. Goliath wore a mean smile on his face. “Ha! You? Will you hit me with sticks? Come here! I will crush you!” David didn’t shake at these rude words but shouted, “This battle is God’s, and you are finished!” David slung his smooth stone, and it whizzed like a rocket through the air. It sunk deep into the forehead of the laughing Goliath, and he slumped to the ground like a sack of potatoes. David had killed Goliath.

There’s another enemy of God’s people so giant he makes Goliath seem like a little-bitty ant. You remember our old enemy from the garden, don’t you? Satan stands screaming to God about how bad we are. He reminds God of all the ways we have sinned. “Your people are so bad! They don’t ever obey You! They deserve to die and be my slaves!” With shaking hearts, we stand there, knowing all that Satan says is true. Every single sin that he reminds us of, we did. Every single punishment he says we deserve, we do. Our only hope is for God to give us a champion like David. One man who could smash our enemy. And God has given us a champion! To beat Satan, Jesus had to take away his power over us. He went to the cross and took our bad things as His own. When He died, all of those horrible things died, too. Satan was crushed. He had nothing left to say to God about our sin because Jesus washed it all away.

1. Why do you think God would use small, young David and his little slingshot to kill such a giant warrior?

When God uses things that look weak to the world, it shows how powerful He really is. He likes to use what seems small or maybe even silly to our eyes because the result is that His power is seen clearly, and He is glorified.

2. You are a kid, right? You are probably small in the eyes of the world. Are there things you can think of that you would want to ask God to do through you so that His power could be seen?

If this is difficult for your child to answer, ask some leading questions, like, “What are some broken or bad things that you see happening in our neighborhood/city/world?” Pray with your child to ask that God would use them to do mighty things and that His power would be seen through them.

What is one of your favorite games to play right now?

* Corresponding Jesus Storybook Bible story: "The Young Hero And The Horrible Giant"