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Look Back


This spring, we had the joy of baptizing 86 people at Downtown. Each of their stories is a reminder that God is saving, moving, and still calling His sons and daughters to obedience. Among all the stories of redemption, a college student from South Korea was baptized and shared that he couldn’t wait to graduate and return home to his family and friends in South Korea to share his story and the good news of Jesus.

Missional Community

We asked God to use Missional Communities to birth new works and saw a new network launch to share Christ with east Austin. We saw 12 workplace Bible studies launch. God has already used these new networks to encourage believers, connect people to local churches, and reach the lost.


In September, more than 300 women attended Women's Workshop where they learned how to inductively study and teach God’s Word. This spring, 57 women from Downtown attended Mining God's Word, a 12-week class which provided the space and community for women to practice using tools they learned at Women’s Workshop.


This past year, over 1,500 people joined us for FOCUS conversations about how Christians can navigate to confusing and controversial cultural topics, including politics, race, women in the church, dating, and sex. Knowing that God’s Word provides clarity on topics like these helps us understand and trust that the Bible has better answers and better stories than culture.

Move Forward

Missional Community

As people further connect at Downtown, we are praying that people can belong meaningfully to this church. We are asking God to raise up 100 new Missional Community leaders to champion of our vision of seeing more people connected to biblical community, growing a deeper love for the gospel, and developing a heart for mission in the city of Austin.

Service Teams

This next year I hope to change the narrative of Austin High School from being an obstacle and barrier to worship into one of joyful service and gratitude of God’s provision. Even though there are challenges, in God’s wisdom, He has chosen AHS as the place for our people to worship, and we want to embrace that story.


We desire to continue teaching gospel-centered truth with conviction and excellence to our grade schoolers, and we hope to address attrition in our 4th and 5th grade years through a ministry specifically for them called Club 4|5.

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