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students participated in bible doctrine class


average attendance at nights of worship


went on a short-term

Look Back

Going Deep in God's WOrd

God is continuing to save college students through our church and grow them up in faith and love. In our College Bible Doctrine class at UT last fall, more than 120 college students met weekly at 7am to learn about God through His Word. From worship nights on campus to Missional Communities in dorms, God is raising up disciples among the students at UT, using them to make His name known on the college campus.

Move Forward


Throughout the Bible God uses relationships with people to change lives. Many share the experience of God changing the course of our lives while we were in college, and in almost every case change happened because a friend was faithful to share their lives and the gospel. We want more college students equipped and mobilized to share their faith through friendship with those who struggle to see God clearly in the current culture. We want to help them see God’s word is relevant and essential to bring understanding to even their toughest questions.

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