Grow in your love of God and knowledge of His word.

Churchwide Classes

Leading Others: Building Community

Date: Mondays, April 19 – May 17
Time: 7-8:30pm
Location: North Campus or Zoom
Instructors: Brian Benkendorfer, Todd Engstrom, and John Murchison

The basic skills needed to lead a small group of people are all the same, whether you’re leading a church small group, a neighborhood committee, a team at work, or a ministry team. This class is focused on teaching the skills needed to build a healthy community so that you can lead your group to greater unity and effectiveness for the glory of God. This class will be taught by Brian Benkendorfer, Todd Engstrom, John Murchison, and more at North Campus and live-streamed via Zoom. We hope to see you online or in-person!


ASI Intensive: Theology of Conscience

Date: Mondays, April 19 – May 12
Location: Zoom
Instructor: Dr. Greg Breazeale

The New Testament has a lot to say about our conscience. But what is conscience? How can we train and calibrate our conscience? Can something be sin for one Christian and not for another? In a four-week Intensive on the topic of conscience, Dr. Greg Breazeale will examine the many biblical texts on conscience and tackle these questions and more!


ASI Seminar: Rethinking Sexuality

Date: Saturday, April 24
Time: 9am-4pm
Location: Northwest Campus

Most of us wonder where God is in the middle of sexuality. For a lot of people, sexuality represents confusion and pain. Maybe you have struggled with pornography, are recovering from sexual trauma, or are trying to address sexual shame or navigate brokenness whether you are single or married. Where is God in the middle of our questions about sexuality? How can we navigate challenging conversations about gender, marriage, and God’s design for sexuality?


Congregation Classes