Connecting with other believers for joy and growth.

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The need to socially distance to protect the vulnerable from the spread of the coronavirus has not changed the fact that God created us for community. Just as it was not good for Adam to be alone (Genesis 2:18), it is not good for any of us to live in complete isolation. By God’s grace, there are many ways to interact with others through technology. We can help you connect with other believers from our church who are also looking for community so you can experience joy and growth together.

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Already in Community?

If you already have a community, but your group is unsure how best to connect in this season, we want to help you take your existing group online. We’ve developed resources to help you to easily transition to a virtual environment.

Digital MC Gathering Toolbox


Social distancing can be especially hard for those who experience addictions, compulsions, or recurring temptations. We want to connect you with others who can support your fight for holiness and wholeness in a virtual recovery group.

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Marriage Mentoring Group

Staying at home during a quarantine can put a strain on all our relationships, and marriage relationships, in particular, can come under significant attack. If you and your spouse need help to love, care for, and support one another in this challenging season, we’re here to help. Click the box below to be added to a group with mentors trained to serve in this area.

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Reconnect with Our Church

Some of you have been with our church for a while and have found yourself in and out of groups as seasons of life change. We understand this can be complex, and every story is different, but we want to hear yours. This pandemic has placed a special emphasis on the expression of our church happening in groups of all kinds and we desire to help you get back into relationships like these. If you are a partner, a committed attender at our church that has never been in a group, or you are no longer in a group, click the box below to have a church leader follow up on the phone to work through that with you.

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