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Old Testament Survey Pt. 1

Host: North Campus
Location: North Campus Annex
WED 6:00-7:30PM

6 weeks / Fee: $35
Jan 23–Feb 27

James Paquette

Childcare Provided

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Is the Old Testament relevant for us today?  How important is it for Christians to study the OT?  Roughly 76% of the Bible is the OT and there are over 2,700 Old Testament references in the New Testament.  God did not make a mistake in structuring it this way.  What we see is that the OT is what we critically need in order to properly understand the nature of God, the nature of Man, and why we so desperately needed Jesus.  This class is ‘The Beginning’ of the journey through the OT as we cover at a survey level the first five books of the Bible.