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Dating with Purpose

Sorry, class closed

Host: Downtown Campus
Location: Austin High School Library
SUN 5:00-6:45PM

4 weeks / Fee: $25
Feb 10–Mar 03

Cameron Crake
Kate Terry
Rex Hamilton

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Everyone has a thought to share on dating, from family and friends to the music and magazines we enjoy. It is often said that there is no pain like that of a broken heart. But isn’t it also true that there is no joy like that of a fulfilled heart? We believe the truths of the Bible through the person of Jesus Christ cut through all the noise and light a path for us to walk together. We believe there is a way to date for the glory of God and the good of our brothers and sisters-in-Christ. God created all things for His glory, including the mysterious relationship between men and women. Join us as we journey to discover the purpose and joy of dating Sundays, February 10th - March 3rd during the 5 pm service!