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For The City

Downtown Campus

Tyler David

We are so excited you are considering ways to be For the City. We believe that God has called the church to be his primary method for restoration in Austin. As we serve with our non-profit partners, we demonstrate and declare the gospel to our city. We pray that through this, more and more people will see and follow Jesus.

We have highlighted a few ways to get involved that we think are a great fit for our campus. Look around, use our search tool to find the opportunity that is right for you, and then click "connect." Then you will be connected to one of our non-profit partners and be well on your way to impacting the lost and the broken in our city.


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Christmas Presents for Refugee Families

Refugee Services of Texas

Many of the refugee families we work with at Refugee Services of Texas are about to experience their first Christmas in America. Struggling to make ends meet every month, most of them can barely afford the basic necessities in life, let alone gifts for each other. One tangible way we can bless, welcome, and show the grace of Jesus to our neighbors is to bring them gifts this season. You will receive a list for a family in need, where they live, the gender and ages of their children, and a time frame to drop off gifts for them.
  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Issues: International/Refugee
  • Regions: North, South, Central, East, West, Other

Christmas Wish Lists

DePelchin Children's Center

DePelchin Children's Center is a foster care licensing agency located at the For the City Center. Each year DePelchin hosts a Christmas party for their foster/adoptive families. During the party they give out gifts to the kids. This year they are seeking donations of Christmas gifts for the children in their care. Once you sign up, their staff will email you to discuss how many kids you’d be able to sponsor. They will send you a wish list with the child’s name, age and 2-3 gift choices ($150 average cost per list). They ask that you leave the gifts unwrapped.
  • Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
  • Issues: Foster Care/Adoption
  • Regions: North, South, Central, East, West

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