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Get Involved

Worshippers at The Austin Stone are involved at various levels in the mission of the church. Wherever you are right now, whether it's attending regularly or growing in full commitment to the life and ministry of our church, it's exactly by God's design and it’s cause to rejoice.

But we challenge you to move forward. Christ's church is how His people minister to one another, to the world, and to God Himself. His church is worth our time and energy.

So wherever you are, ask Jesus how you can take one step forward in involvement in His work through this church.



If you’ve occasionally come to worship with us on Sundays, we’d like for you to become a more regular part of our worship community. We want to help you grow in your desire to worship Jesus and explore a life that makes much of Him.

The first step is to commit to regularly attend a weekly worship service and get to know the people and leaders there. We have campuses all around our city to make this easier for you.

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love good works, not neglecting to meet together; as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. — Hebrews 10:24-25 ESV

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If you regularly attend Sunday services at The Austin Stone, we encourage you to get involved beyond the worship auditorium. A good first step in this direction is to join the community who serves the church. Become a contributing part of the team that supports the functions of the church as a whole.

Serving the Church on Sundays

It takes a lot of volunteers to create an environment where people can connect with others, hear the Word of God, and worship Jesus on Sundays. From helping guests park and welcoming them as they come in the doors, setting up our environments for gathering and worship, to teaching our kids about Jesus, in whatever way fits you best, you can be part of making Sunday services a reality.

Serving the Church the Rest of the Week

Much happens behind the scenes throughout the week for us to lead, care for, and mobilize the church of God. You can support ministry and mission by preparing KIDS curriculum for our Sunday teachers, helping out with office projects, or serving office visitors from our church and community.

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If you already serve on Sundays or during the week, it’s time to take a step toward committing to the body of Christ at The Austin Stone. This means committing to obey the gospel in a smaller group of believers and recognizing the need to be trained as you serve.

Missional Community

The Austin Stone is a network of missional communities – small groups of people, joined by the gospel, pursuing the renewal and redemption of their community together. Missional community is the primary way to connect with others at The Austin Stone and pursue life on mission together. Our primary strategy for demonstrating and declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ is through missional community.

Development Classes

To be prepared to care for others and to be effective as a gospel minister, we must devote to growing in our knowledge, faith, and practice. Each semester The Austin Stone offers a wide spectrum of classes, each intended to develop a proper view of God, a fuller heart for the gospel, and the ability to apply both of those things practically in life through mission.

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Join a Missional Community



If you’ve been engaged in healthy missional community and investing in your own development, growing in your involvement may simply be living out these practices with greater purpose and intentionality. It means living the lifestyle of a missionary and acting like an owner of the mission that God has given us. This means becoming a partner in the identity and purpose of God’s church at The Austin Stone.

Owning God’s mission through The Austin Stone might look like leading an effective and healthy missional community, leading and developing a service team, or expressing God’s mission in some other way in your neighborhood, workplace, or even another country. To step toward this kind of engagement you can commit to partnership and be trained together with your missional community in the theology, principles, and practices of missional community.

Become a Partner

In partnership, we recognize our common identity in Christ, acknowledge the values that are based on that identity, and help one another live out the practices consistent with this identity and values. Our partners are the ones whom our church is accountable for leading, and who in return are accountable to their leaders for growing and participating in the mission of God. Our partners are the ones we count on when it counts.

Attend Missional Community Training

In this classroom environment, you and your missional community will learn best philosophies and practices to grow in your effectiveness in gospel ministry, both to one another and to the world around you. You’ll learn the distinctions of missional community and the roadmap for expressing the gospel in these biblical communities.

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While we are all called to live as agents of Jesus Christ in the world, many are also called to lead them, actively making and multiplying other missional leaders. This looks different for each of us because our ministry contexts are numerous. But the themes are the same: influencing other people and their environments to bring the application of Jesus’ person and work to their lives. Leaders orient their life and schedule around making disciples.

We'd like to challenge you to grow toward leading the mission of God for a distinct group of people, both functionally and spiritually. This could be discipling others within the church or making disciples as you engage with the world. In either case, seek the Lord and seek wise counsel from your leaders and community on what this might look like for you. One tangible step to begin exploring leadership is to participate in our one-year Leadership Development Program.

Vision Meetings

Through the first part of our Far More vision series we will have many opportunities for our leaders to gather and catch the vision of our church and prepare to lead the rest of the body through the series. In these meetings you’ll get to know other leaders, explore the story of God’s faithfulness through The Austin Stone, and learn how to begin leading our church in asking God to do far more for His glory.

Leadership Development Program

Our Leadership Development Program (LDP), is a church-based higher-education program built to train men and women for biblically qualified leadership in the home, church, city and world. Over the course of one year, the program offers the education, experience, and accountability to transform students into biblically qualified leaders. Now is a great time to get more information and decide if this commitment is right for you and to prepare to participate in next year’s class.

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