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Partnership at The Austin Stone

What Is Partnership?

Partnership at The Austin Stone is a commitment to live out our identity and calling as the lead missionaries and lead servants of our church. It is both an invitation and a commitment to fully pursue the joy of Jesus and the abundant life He promises to us together, for our city and for the nations.

Partnership Commitments

Partners are the saints of God who do the work of ministry, and partnership is a commitment to missional living with the local body of believers. We call these men and women “partners” rather than “members,” because we think that word more clearly describes the heart of the New Testament (Ephesians 4:11–14). We call our partners to a higher level of accountability, service and sacrifice than attenders. We ask a lot of our partners, because we believe that God is using them, and our church, to do amazing things for His Kingdom in our city.

Our Partnership Commitments


How Do I Become A Partner?

Partnership Resources

If you have any questions about Partnership at The Austin Stone, please contact the Connections Director at your campus

Missional Communities

We ask every partner to participate in missional community with The Austin Stone. Find out more about Missional Community.

Affirmation of Faith

We Affirm that the Bible is the Word of God, fully inspired and without error in the original manuscripts, written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and that it has supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct…

Read Our Affirmation of Faith

Finances–Money Matters Series

The Money Matters Series is about Jesus' radical liberation of our love of money and our fear of being without. You can listen to the entire series on our sermons page.

Finances Discussion Guide

What is Baptism?

The Austin Stone Community Church believes that Jesus commanded believers to be baptized in order to publicly show the work of salvation that Christ has accomplished in their hearts…

More on Baptism

Why Should I Tithe?

The Austin Stone Community Church believes that giving a tithe (10% of income) is a biblical principle established by God in the scriptures in order to protect the hearts of God's people who are so prone to loving money more than God…

More on Tithing

What is the role of women in the church?

The Austin Stone Community Church holds to a Biblical Complementarian view concerning the role of men and women. In short, we believe that men and women were created by God to be both equal in value and dignity, but that He gave us differing roles, in order that we may best reflect both the equality and differing roles within the Trinity…

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