Our Services:

North Campus
9:15   11:15

St. John Campus
9:15  11:15

West Campus
9:15   11:15

South Campus
9:15   11:15  

Downtown Campus
9:00  11:15  5:00  


Related Organizations

The For the City Network

The For the City Network catalyzes and maximizes individual, community and city restoration efforts.

Total City Sports

Total City Sports exists to develop Austin’s next generation of athletes and leaders by increasing participation and interest in sports while providing premier athletic programming and healthy adult relationships.

RBI Austin

RBI Austin is an affiliate of Major League Baseball's Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities program (RBI) and serves youth ages 5 - 18 through free clinics, low-cost summer leagues and year-round mentoring.

Unison Development

Unison Development exists to foster self-sufficient lifestyles through building, training and employment.

The Austin Stone Counseling Center

The Austin Stone Counseling Center’s mission is to glorify God by providing gospel-centered counseling for individuals, couples and families in the church, the city and around the world.

Austin Stone Institute

The Austin Stone Institute is a church-based training system built to develop those called to lead in the home, church, city and world.

The 100 People Network

The 100 People Network exists for goers, senders and mobilizers to engage unreached people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Verge Network

The Verge Network is an advocate and champion for movements of gospel-centered missional communities.

Austin Stone Worship

Austin Stone Worship is a reflection of the vision and worship culture of The Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas. We exist to teach the Church how to pray, listen, and respond to the Word of God through corporate and private worship.