He is risen!

My name is Greg Breazeale, I am the campus pastor here at North Campus, and I am thrilled that you were able to join our church family today as we celebrate the risen Jesus. Although Easter is not the only time of year to celebrate Jesus, it is a specific time of year to pause and think about Him and what He accomplished. If you are not currently following Jesus, I’d like to invite you to consider who Jesus is and all that He accomplished. Any questions you have about committing your life to Him, we want to help you answer, so please feel free today to approach me or anyone in a volunteer shirt or email me at

The North Campus of The Austin Stone launched in March of 2015. Since then and for as long as God would have us, we hope to be a place where you can experience God and be equipped to pursue Jesus and live out His mission in the world. I would love to see you involved in our family at North Campus and encourage you to pursue the opportunities that we have for you to connect. If you have any questions regarding these opportunities please access our weekly Sunday bulletin and fill out our connect form under the “Connect With Us” section.

Thank you again for choosing to join North Campus today in the celebration of our risen King Jesus.

Greg Breazeale
North Campus Pastor

Connect With Us

Ready to take your next step of involvement with the North Campus of The Austin Stone? Whether it’s joining a missional community, becoming a partner, or getting connected to a service team, we’d love to help you get involved. Click here to fill out a short form. Someone from our campus team will contact you for more information about how to take your next step.

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