Equipping families to worship together.

Jesus cares about kids and students, and wants them to trust, know, and follow Him. During this time of social distancing, we have created resources for kids, students, and parents to grow in Christ together.


Jesus said that we should all aspire to have faith like a child (Matthew 18:2-4). These resources will help parents nurture and develop their children into faithful disciples of Jesus.

Kids Summer Series: Detective Academy

Pull out your fedoras, grab your magnifying glass, and get ready to solve some cases with our Kids Ministry during the summer series, Detective Academy! Each Sunday morning from June 20 through July 25, we’ll examine the different ways God has chosen to reveal Himself to us. Through interactive lessons, kids will be able to review case files on creation, the Bible, prayer, and community before using their new skills to tackle mysteries like, “Who is my neighbor?”

There will be online and in-person options throughout the summer. The online Detective Academy will consist of videos similar to the Kids Large Group video but with a few more fun elements! For the in-person option, kids will get detective gear each Sunday to take home and will take part in activities and curriculum based on the case files!

Plan for your kids to report to the academy each Sunday morning starting June 20 through Sunday, July 25!

Report to the Academy

Kids Sermon Note Sheet

Print out this sheet to engage your kids during the online worship services.

Kids Sermon Note Sheet

Basic Truths Series

The Basic Truth Series walks families through the gospel message in kid-friendly language. Each week includes a guided lesson and a special family night experience along with a ton of other activities, to help your kids learn and apply the week’s Basic Truth. There’s even a memory verse song! Go at your own pace and choose what works best for your family!

Basic Truths PDF

Only Jesus Worship Videos

Our Kids and Worship teams created these songs and videos to lead kids to worship Jesus and know His Truth. Enjoy singing and dancing together any day of the week!

Sing and Dance Together

Basic Truth Coloring Pages

Our Kids Ministry focuses on consistently teaching seven basic core truths of faith in Christ. These coloring pages were created to reinforce these truths at home.

Print and Color The Seven Basic Truths

Nursery Prayer Cards

Our Kids Ministry has created one card for each basic truth with Scriptures to pray over your child by name. We call them “Nursery Prayer Cards” because we use them on Sundays with our littlest family members. But you can use them to pray for your kids at any age!

Nursery Prayer Cards

How to Talk About Coronavirus with your Kids

Our Kids Ministry has put together a resource to help you talk with your kids about the current pandemic.

Read This Resource

Follow Kids on Instagram

Our Kids Ministry is communicating regularly with parents through our Instagram account. Click below to follow if you have an Instagram account. If you’re not currently an Instagram user, consider making a family account to stay connected.

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Our middle and high school students are eager for connection with their peers and for answers about faith and life. These resources will help parents lead students to connect with one another and with Jesus in this season.

Students Worship Guide

Print this document, and give it to your students to help them follow along with this week’s online sermon. Fill-in-the-blank questions are provided to help students remain attentive to the message.

Download This Resource

Students Daily Devotionals

Each day, our Students Ministry will provide a brief devotional for students to connect with Jesus.

Read Today’s Devotional

Sign up for a DCOMM group

Our students meet weekly in discipleship communities called DCOMMs. In this season, DCOMMs are meeting outdoors. If your student is not currently connected to a DCOMM, fill out the form below to jump in!

Sign up For a DCOMM

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Our Students Ministry is communicating regularly with parents and students through our Instagram account. Click below to follow if you have an Instagram account. If you’re not currently an Instagram user, consider making a family account to stay connected.

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