Looking for a book that presents the gospel of Jesus in a way young children can understand?

The Gospel for Little Ones provides an overview of God's plan of salvation in simple words and phrases. Young listeners will learn about creation, the fall, our need for a Savior, the incarnation of Jesus, His death and resurrection, the promise of His return, and the hope for all who love Him. Adults and children alike will be encouraged by the Person and work of Jesus Christ, the One whose love can bring us back to God.

Scriptures are provided in the back of the book to show that this story is a true story, not made up by humans, but given to us by God Himself. It’s a story for both big ones and little ones, a story to treasure with all our hearts, the greatest story ever told.

What People are Saying

The Gospel For Little Ones is the perfect resource to acquaint toddlers with the story of Jesus. Its plain-English description of significant moments in redemptive history equips parents to tell children of God's love for them from their earliest years.” KEVIN PECK
“Because Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belong the kingdom of God’, we can know that the gospel is not just for ‘grown ups’ to understand, but it’s something that God has designed even for children to believe and trust. The Gospel for Little Ones is a great tool in helping our kids do just that.” HALIM SUH
“I highly recommend The Gospel For Little Ones because it is just that, the gospel. Many children’s books tell of God’s love for them, but most stop there. The Gospel for Little Ones tells the entire story: God made us, God loves us, and God sent His Son, Jesus, to save us. I wish this resource had been around when my kids were little ones.” JAMIE IVEY