A group at The Austin Stone can be defined as consistent and intentional Christian friendships that seek to love God, the church, the city, and the nations together.

Take a look at what God has been up to through groups at The Austin Stone:

Every group is a critical part of our church. Together, we live out The Austin Stone’s mission to love God, the church, the city, and the nations. While no single group takes that entire mission on their shoulders, we relentlessly pursue it collectively with each group expressing unique aspects of that mission in each season.

Types of Groups

There are many types of groups at The Austin Stone! Each one provides unique ways of following Jesus and living out the mission God has given us.

Our desire is to see our entire church drawn into relationships of love and grow together as they follow Jesus. While your participation in a group may change in different seasons, most people are only in one type of group at a time and that’s great!

  • Missional Community groups
  • Men’s/Women’s Ministry groups
  • College Missional Community groups
  • Moms/Dads groups
  • Marriage Ministry groups
  • Discipleship groups
  • Recovery groups
  • Adult Bible Fellowship groups
  • For the Nations groups
  • Student DCOMMs
  • Development Program groups
  • Workplace Fellowship groups

Family, Discipleship, and Mission

We believe that the New Testament presents three clear values that drive any faithful and fruitful Christian community group: Family, Discipleship, and Mission. 

  • Family – Love one another as brothers and sisters.
  • Discipleship – Know, delight, and obey God together.
  • Mission – Advancing the Kingdom of God.

How Do I Join a Group?

We’d love for you to experience life in a group of people, aiming to love God, the church, the city, and the nations together! Want to be a part of a group? Click the button below to get started.

Want to Lead a Group?

Want to lead or start a new group? There are a variety of ways you could lead!

  • Launch a new group through our next Connect Class
  • Help an organic gathering of friends become a formal Austin Stone group
  • Multiply out of an existing group
  • Step into leadership or co-leadership of an existing group
  • Lead a group through an equipping class or development program
  • Launch a group with other volunteers/participants in your ministry

No matter what the leadership role you’re interested in, the common thread is that we want to help train, support, and launch you as a leader, ready to help your community flourish. After completing a short leadership application, you’ll meet with a congregation leader for a brief interview and they’ll help you formally launch.

Ready to take your next step? Click the button below to get things moving!

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