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Downtown Campus
9:00  11:15  5:00  7:00  

North Campus
9:15   11:15   4:00

South Campus
9:15   11:15  

St. John Campus
9:15  11:15

West Campus


Jeff Mangum: Teaching Pastor


About me

I grew up as a pastor’s kid in Georgetown, Texas and grew up surrounded by a Godly family. In college, I was confronted with the reality that I had been living off of the spiritual fumes of my family, instead of responding in obedience to God’s great gospel. Through a turbulent season of depression and introspection, God revealed Himself mightily to me. This was when it became clear that salvation was clearly an act of God and the greatest demonstration of His grace. 

After college, I married Christy and responded to His call to pastor and lead others to the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the next decade, we traveled around the country preaching and serving churches, as well as planting a church in north Austin.
Today, I serve The Austin Stone in the areas of preaching, pastoral counseling, and missional community leadership. Christy and I have been blessed with two great kids - Paige and Tyler.