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Robbie Wright:


About me

I was called to Christ when I was 13 years old, but I believe the process of sanctification really began to take effect while studying Romans as a leader in Bible Study Fellowship. This was my first introduction to Reformed theology, and the time when I really began to feel the Spirit working in my life. Since that time, I've grown to love Scripture more with each day, and am constantly humbled by the application of the truths they contain. 

I was born in Fort Worth, TX, and have lived in Lubbock, TX and Memphis, TN. I moved to the Austin area in 2002 and worked as a Marketing leader in the High Tech Industry. My wife Shanna and I met while in college at Texas Tech University and were married in May of 1999. We have three children: Jackson, Will, and Brooklyn. In May of 2010, I completed my MBA at The Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. 

I've served The Austin Stone in various leadership roles on the Audio/Visual/Lights/Camera (AVLC) team, pre-marital counseling, missional community, and the Financial Training ministry. My vision for the church is that we would be God's tool to radically grow people's love of Jesus in the city of Austin and globally and that we would breed generations upon generations of new believers with an excitement for living on mission.