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Corey Wagner:


About me

I grew up living a life devoted to looking good for people by staying out of trouble and doing the right things as much as I could. I sincerely desired for God to be pleased with me, and my limited understanding led me to believe that simply following all the rules was how to make that happen. But it also seemed to be the best way to get what I selfishly wanted for myself in life – respect, honor, and the approval of men.

It wasn't until I was in college that God used the same gospel that I had heard many times before to show me how I was saved by His grace, and not by my works. There was no amount of good I could do that would excuse me from the penalty of my sin, but God showed his mercy by sending his son to pay for that sin on my behalf! What freedom! Since then God has cultivated my faith through joy, sorrow, victory, loss, prosperity and suffering – and he has always affirmed his faithfulness to his calling along the way.

My lovely wife, Brooke, and I were married in 2001 in San Angelo, TX. We lived in Dallas for a couple of years after that before moving to Austin and partnering with the Austin Stone in 2004. We now are a family of five and learning what it means to raise our children in the Lord.

My involvement in ministry here with The Austin Stone has been to marriages, men's development, missional community, 100 people advocacy and mobilization. My hope for the church is that 40 years from now our grandchildren would share our passion "for the supremacy of the name and purpose of Jesus Christ", holding fast to the word of God and sound doctrine and moving the gospel forward to their next generations.