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Dave Kloubec:


About me

My wife Jenn and I have lived in Austin for over 20 years and have been going to The Austin Stone since 2003. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em Horns) with a degree in Architectural Engineering and I work in Commercial Construction. I balance my work hours with family and friends, BBQ, music, and watching sports. We have three boys: Caleb, Luke, and D, so our house is very loud and fun, and we love having people over for dinner and hearing their stories.

I was raised in the church, but it wasn’t until college that I began walking with the Lord. God was faithful when I was not, and He pursued me with the relentless, unconditional love of a Father. Jesus changed my life forever and began teaching me what it looked like to daily walk with Him, transforming all areas of my life. It was then that I met my wife and we got married the weekend after college graduation.

My wife and I serve together in the marriage ministry, giving pre-marital counseling to young couples. We want them to know that marriage is designed to reflect the love of Christ, our perfect example, who gave Himself up for us, unconditionally loving and pursuing our wandering hearts. My prayer is for God to be glorified in all things, and that the power of the Gospel would continue to transform my life, and the lives of those around me.