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John Manning:


About me

I strive to love the Lord "with everything"...heart, soul, mind, and strength. Although my prideful heart is prone to wander, Christ continues to pursue me with an unfailing love.

I'm a husband to my beautiful wife, Julie, ( target="_blank">see her story here) and father to three sons. Noah and Hunter are in gradeschool at Hype Park, and our youngest, Joshua, came to us by way of a domestic adoption.

After graduating from Texas A&M, I started a day-trading company as well as a countertop company named Summit Stoneworks. I've been actively serving at The Austin Stone since the Fulmore Middle School Days, and currently, I enjoy worshiping as part of our West Campus.

I continually pray for humility- knowing that only through the power of the Holy Spirit and Christ in me can I glorify God in my marriage, my family, my workplace, and in our church.