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Michael Stewart: Pastor of Strategic Initiatives


About me

Sovereign change. Those are two words I would use to describe my path growing up, specifically and my life in general. From age 4 to age 17 I attended more than 14 schools. Transition and change were normal, even expected. Change was the only constant.

As I continued in school it became apparent that I was drawn to musical performance. Everything involving music came easily. It was like breathing. From the 6th grade on I received award after award for music. Music would not only give me an outlet, it would also draw my relational and professional boundaries. I continued to pursue music which led me to the University of North Texas. I quickly gained recognition for talent, but I did not know that it was character that comes from a life in Christ that should have been the goal. I threw myself into percussion, most of the time practicing between six and ten hours a day. But it was at the beginning of my senior year in college that God got my attention. He broke me. He broke me of the idolatry of relationships. He broke me of the idolatry of being driven to success. And He reminded me and caused me to trust in the Gospel that He had planted in my heart when I was a child. The idols that I had once trusted were now just as broken as I was. Then He submersed me into a community of vibrant believers within the college ministry of Denton Bible Church.

It was also during this time that my cause and God’s purpose for my life was established. Almost immediately I began serving by starting an inner-city Bible club for children. I also began serving in the college ministry. It was at this time that I took my first mission trip, discovering my spiritual gifts among a swarm of children in a remote Mexican village on the backside of a mountain.

Since then I’ve had the opportunity of living in the inner-city of Memphis, serving children in the largest slum in Africa, seeing the beginnings of a church planting movement started in a Muslim country, watching the beginnings of the birth of a spiritual revolution in Spain, and been a part of seeing what God is doing in China, Ecuador, Mexico, Kenya, Europe, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Cuba and other countries.

I'm also blessed to be married to Kimberly and have 4 children: Wesley Grant, Sally, Kelly and Karis. And as the Founding Director of Verge Network & Conferences I've been fortunate to be a part of equipping leaders for mission.