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Downtown Campus
9:00  11:15  5:00  7:00  

North Campus
9:15   11:15   4:00

South Campus
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St. John Campus
9:15  11:15

West Campus


Tyler David: Downtown Campus Pastor


What I do

My role is to lead the Downtown Campus to embody and become all that God’s word and gospel has called us to be in every area of life. I do that primarily through preaching, teaching and leading the Downtown elders, deacons and staff.

About me

When I was 18, I had little interest in church or following Jesus. I had been in and around church my entire life, but I didn’t have any genuine desire for God. But for some reason I decided to attend a weekend retreat with my church right after my 18th birthday. I felt desperate for God to do something significant in me because everything I had tried produced no real or deep joy and security in me. During the retreat and specifically the preaching, God woke me up to the unmatched worth, value and joy of Jesus. I had never experienced a sincere desire for God until that weekend, and I came home a completely different person. God made me alive and gave me eyes to see that nothing compares to Jesus and he has continued to give me faith to believe and seek Jesus ever since.

Since then, God has continued to show off his kindness to me by giving Lauren to me as my wife and our three children together, Ellerbe, Henry and Eliza.

I never had any intention of being a pastor or preacher. But during our engagement, as Lauren and I were getting to know one another and dream about our future, the potential of being a pastor who taught and preached the bible to people was something we thought I should pursue. We had that initial conversation when I was 22 with no idea what would come of it almost a decade later. It is one of the greatest privileges, honors and graces of my life to pastor people by teaching, preaching and applying the bible to them. I love getting to do it as a part of this church.