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North Campus
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South Campus
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St. John Campus
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David Kakish: North Campus Director of Spiritual Formation

About me

I am from Boston, MA. In 2009, I married my always-beautiful and ever-patient bride, Ashley. We have four children: Emma, Lewis, Ruth, and Kaiah. Dogs>cats, chickens make great pets, and the New England Patriots are the best team in football (Go Pats!). On a previous occasion, I have been asked to describe my call to ministry. Befuddled by the gravity of the question I retreated to this: I would rather be a fisherman, but woe unto me if I preach not the gospel for it is welling up in my bones and ready to burst forth. I have had some time to consider the question and pursue it further; I cannot. What I can do, however, is attest to the fact that I once was blind, but now I see. I was in bondage, but now I am free. I loved my sin, but now I loathe it. All truth was subjective. Now, all truth is subjected solely to the objectivity of the only Truth. Indifference was my anthem, but now my heart never ceases to be full. My god was my stomach, but now all I long to fill it with are his words. My head was full of nonsensical attempts at declaring myself innocent. Now, I willingly trade my ashes for something much greater. This is my story and I long to share it. After coming to saving faith, I transferred from UMass Dartmouth where I was studying mechanical engineering to the University of Mobile, where I completed my bachelor's in theology. I am currently wrapping up an MDiv from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I consider myself a cacographer and a malapropist. I enjoy reading fiction and works in the realm of systematic and biblical theology. I am a productivity junky. We love watching sports, going to the movies, and taking the K-babes on family adventures. In short, we're a Twizzlers family.