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James Paquette: Executive Pastor of Gathering Ministries


What I do

My primary role is to provide strategic & executive support and pastoral care & leadership for our ‘Gathering’ ministries and communications team. Our Gathering Ministries consist of our preaching team, worship team, story team, family ministries, and our communications & design team.

About me

I was blessed with a wonderful family made up of my mom, dad, brother and sister. Religion was important to my parents and our family. I was raised in the Catholic church and went to Catholic school. Throughout my childhood I would characterize my relationship with God as one defined by merit. I knew I was a sinner and believed, (or at least thought I did), that Jesus died for the sins of man, including mine. At yet, at the same time, functionally I related to God through merit – that is, I was always trying to earn His favor, His love, His mercy, His forgiveness, His love. And I would measure my ‘success’ based on my approval (or lack there of) from the people in my life, especially those I considered in charge (i.e. parents, teachers, coaches, etc.).

Then came my freshman year of college at Texas A&M…where I met the person of Jesus Christ and experienced the good news of HIS gospel for the first time! By God’s grace I was given ears to hear and eyes to see that only through placing my trust and my life in Christ would I truly be forgiven, and find the approval I longed for. It was not going to be (nor could it ever be) through my work but only through the work of Christ that I would be able to be in right relationship with my Heavenly Father. And it was only through Christ that I would be given His Holy Spirit to live a life that is fully approved and full of purpose and meaning. In view of God’s mercy and grace, I am compelled by His Spirit and it is my joy to offer my body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God. (Romans 12:1)

At Texas A&M I studied and graduated with a degree in Accounting and a degree in Finance. After graduating I worked for Halliburton for almost 5 years in their Corporate & External Reporting department. In the fall of 2006, the LORD called me to move my family to Austin, TX – more specifically HE called us to be a part of what he was doing at the Austin Stone Community Church. We moved in 2007 and I took a job with Dell. My wife and I quickly began serving in the Kids and Equipping Ministries. Then in the summer of 2010, the LORD called me to come on staff with The Austin Stone Community church as the Director of Finance – where I served for the next 5 years and which brings me to the role I am now serving in today.

It was also my freshman year at Texas A&M where I met and fell in love with my wife Julie. We were college sweethearts, and got married in May of 2001 after she graduated. We have 3 amazing kids – Rilyn (born in 2004), Ella (born in 2006), and Asher (born in 2008). When I consider all that the LORD has done and all that HE has brought me and my family through, I am humbled and overwhelmed with thanks and praise!