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Justin Lopez:


What I do

My role since 2009, is to lead the local missions efforts at the Austin Stone as the director of For the City (local missions). For the City maximizes and catalyzes individual, community, and city restoration efforts by empowering churches to transform their cities, equipping leaders for mission, and accelerating restorative ideas from gospel-centered leaders.

I also now have the honor of serving on the West Campus elder team.

About me

Husband to Sally, father to Annie, Lucy, Heidi and Abraham. My hope for the Austin Stone is that we’d love - love God and love others.

I grew up attending church, wherever IBM had an office. We moved six times before my sophomore year of high school when my family moved to Austin. It was in high school where I’d say that my faith became my own, rather than just the truths that I’m so thankful my parents and Sunday school teachers taught me.

After graduation from Texas A&M University with an engineering degree in Industrial Distribution, I worked at Dell in logistics. In 2009, God called me out of the marketplace and into the not-yet-formed-but-quickly-developing For the City Network where I continue to have the honor of serving.