Do it again Lord! Send Your reviving love! Revive our love! For You and for those around us.


“To desire revival and at the same time neglect personal prayer is to wish one way and walk the other.” – A.W. Tozer

The 50 Days of Prayer and Meditation resource contains daily readings, prayer prompts, and reflections focused on the seven sermon topics as part of the Reviving Love series. This resource is meant to be used individually as a way for us to connect with the Lord daily throughout the duration of this series.

Download 50 Days of Prayer and Meditation Resource


The Reviving Love: Groups Guide is a 7-session study that aims to meditate on and revel in God’s reviving love. This guide corresponds with our weekly sermons, which focus on the first chapters of Acts. In these chapters, ordinary people seek God—and turn the world upside down as a result!

The group guide’s sessions aren’t restatements of the sermons, although they are based on the topics discussed. Such topics include reviving spirit, reviving prayer, reviving repentance, reviving boldness, and more. This guide includes everything needed to lead Reviving Love in a small-group setting, from Scripture passages and activities to teaching notes and discussion questions. While the guide is written for groups of 8-12 people, it can be used in smaller groups.

The goal of the Reviving Love: Groups Guide is not to simply work through it and remain unchanged. The goal is for us to experience God’s reviving love—which happens as we focus on His Word and sit still long enough to hear from Him.

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