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Sunday, September 19

Reviving Love: A Call For God to Revive His People

In the first few chapters of Acts, we see God spark a revival among a people who turned away from the expectations of the world and leaned into His presence. His extraordinary workings were displayed through them, a group wholly dependent on Him and His life-changing power. As a result, the world was forever transformed.

We ought to hunger for God to move in this way during our lifetime—to be hopefully expectant and wait in joyful anticipation for His reviving love to change and empower us. That is our prayer for our fall sermon series, Reviving Love—for His transformative majesty to be on display in the here and now. “Lord, do it again! Send Your reviving love! Revive our love, for You and for those around us.”

As part of Reviving Love, we’ve released new resources to help us lean into God. We’re also continuing our fast from social media so that we may silence the noise of culture and tune into the voice of God during this season.

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Fall Sermon Series: Reviving Love

Annual Report 2021

When The Austin Stone was established 18 years ago, it was founded on the mission to love God, love the church, love the city, and love the nations. Today, that core set of values is at the center of every ministry, congregation, and worship service—from small groups to corporate gatherings, Kids to College, and everywhere in between.

This year’s Annual Report is a snapshot of the fruit that was produced during the past 12 months by the faithfulness of our brothers and sisters and a result of God’s provision for our church. We invite you to sit down and spend time reading these honest stories. As you do, our hope is that He would gently lift your chin, tilting your gaze upward, and remind you of all He has done and all He has still yet to do among us. Let your hearts be in awe of the God we serve!

Annual Report 2021

The Austin Stone Night of Prayer at Q2 Stadium

As we begin to approach the end of our Reviving Love series, there’s likely the question of “What next?”

“What should I do next in response to what we’re learned?” “What are the next practical steps I should take toward ushering in God’s revival of Austin?”

We don’t want to rush through the finish line only for the sake of saying we completed the race. We want to run well—run faithfully to the course marked for us. We want to take the time for us as a body of believers to stand before our Father, united in prayer, and plead for revival. And we’re planning to do just that.

Join people from across all six congregations of The Austin Stone as we come together for a unified night of prayer on Tuesday, October 12 at Q2 Stadium from 5-8pm!

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Men’s & Women’s Lamentations Study: Hope in the Middle

During the seasons where we sit under the weight of suffering, hope can feel like a distant wish—something we know is there, but can’t seem to grasp onto. But, as disciples of Christ, we have access to a Living Hope that’s accessible during suffering, darkness, and hardship, not just as an afterthought.

Lamentations: Hope in the Middle is a 6-week study created to help women and men explore how our freedom to lament what is broken or lost is a means for us to trust Jesus and allows us to grow in awe of His mercy. Utilizing the REAP study method, this class will walk through the poetic book of Lamentations and examine its connection to the broader biblical narrative and how it relates to our lives as people of hope in a broken world.

There will be multiple study environments available for both the men and women, with class options starting the week of October 10. For more information on Lamentations: Hope in the Middle or to register for a class, click the link below.

Lamentations Study

Equipped to Counsel Registration Now Open!

Equipped to Counsel is an 8-month equipping course focused on the development of godly, biblical counselors for God’s glory and the benefit of His church. Participants will be prepared to minister effectively to individuals, couples, and families with a biblical perspective in the context of community. The course will cover both the theology and practice of gospel-centered counseling and address issues such as addictions, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Classes begin September 22 and will meet weekly on Wednesdays from 6-9pm. There will also be an online option available. To register for Equipped to Counsel, click the button below!

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