We don’t have to try too hard to find things in life that produce feelings of being overwhelmed, weary, or defeated. Whether it’s the hard realities of 2020 or just the brokenness in your own heart, if we look only to ourselves or the things of this world for our ultimate foundation, or hope, or joy, or love, we’ll soon be let down. But the picture painted in 1 John 4 tells us that our God is greater than our greatest enemy and He loves us with a love that is greater than anything the world could possibly offer. This changes everything about how we relate to Him, and to each other, and is the only thing that we can trust to help us overcome what we’re up against.

We know that right now, getting away to connect with Jesus and with one another includes new challenges. But because of our need for those connections, we have created two ways for you to be a part of Women’s Retreat this year—an in-person option at Camp Tejas (Giddings, TX) and a virtual option for you to do at home!

Retreat Options

Women’s Retreat 2021 is all about options! Like the years past, we have overnight and day pass tickets so you can gather with us at Camp Tejas in Giddings, Texas. This option will have very limited capacity and is best for those who feel comfortable meeting in person. And for those of you who would feel more comfortable connecting from home, perhaps with a small group of friends, we have Retreat at Home tickets, which offer all the same content brought to you by some of our best Austin Stone teachers and plenty of goodies. If the information below doesn’t answer your questions, then check out the FAQ section at the bottom of the page!

Retreat at Tejas

  • March 5-7, 2021 (6pm Friday through 11am Sunday)
  • In-person, limited-capacity retreat at Camp Tejas, in Giddings, TX
  • Live teaching and worship sessions, with post-retreat digital access to all the content
  • Pre-Retreat Study Guide
  • Retreat Guide
  • Fun and meaningful retreat gear (surprises!)
  • Overnight tickets with rooming assignments based on small, self-selected “quran-teams” (see FAQ for details), $200 per person—scholarships and payment plan available
  • OR Day pass tickets for Saturday only $85 per person—scholarships and payment plan available
  • Safety – Indoor environments will be set up to accommodate social distancing, masks will be required for indoor gatherings and all worship environments

Register for Retreat at Tejas

Retreat at Home

  • March 5-7, 2021 (or anytime after)
  • Wherever you feel most comfortable—joining by yourself from home or with a small group of friends
  • On-demand access to all of the teaching session content, including worship
  • Pre-Retreat Study Guide
  • Retreat Guide tailored to Retreat at Home with plenty of tips and tricks to make the most out of your weekend, whether attending individually or with others
  • Retreat at Home Kit with fun and meaningful supplies tailored to a home environment to help you engage, rest, and connect
  • A live-streamed, interactive panel discussion on Saturday, ONLY for Retreat at Home participants
  • $50 per person—scholarships available

Register for Retreat at Home

Teachers & Content

We are blessed to be able to hear from gifted women from across The Austin Stone in both main teaching and breakout sessions. This year’s main teaching sessions will help us unpack 1 John 4, where we’ll look at The Greatest Love, The Greatest Truth, The Greatest Work, and The Greatest Victory.

Breakout sessions give us an opportunity to opt in to additional discussion with a particular focus on application in our lives. We are all tempted to believe that there are things in life that are more powerful than God—things we love and trust that will satisfy in a way that only He truly can. So, we’ll unpack how God is greater than our comforts, our work, our suffering, and our personal stories.

About: North Congregation partner, mom of four, bookworm, amature yoga student, 7th grade football fan

Main Session: The Greatest Love

About: St. John Congregation partner, mom of four, baker, closet violinist, CG Gladiator

Main Session: The Greatest Truth

About: West Congregation partner, physical therapist, word nerd, runner

Main Session: The Greatest Work

About: South Congregation Groups & Women’s Director, (YAS) Young Adult Single, high Marvel Cinematic Universe IQ, super fan of Rascal Flatts and Drake

Main Session: The Greatest Victory

About: Teacher Development Program Manager, Irish twin mom, game show enthusiast, unsweet tea snob

Panel Moderator (The Greatest Discussion)

About: Worship Leader, military kid, studied opera, word-search aficionado

Breakout Session: God is Greater Than My Comfort

About: ASI Content Editor, former secondary school principal, girl mom, lover of words and trees

Breakout Session: God is Greater Than My Suffering

About: Downtown deacon, single lady, professional process improver, book nerd, queso aficionado

Breakout Session: God is Greater Than My Work

About: Downtown partner, native New Yorker, homeschool mom, self-proclaimed mediocre pianist

Breakout Session: God is Greater Than My Story


Yes! All of the breakout sessions will be available for viewing through May 2021 so you have plenty of time to work through any sessions you miss.

We’d love to have you join us with the Retreat at Home ticket option. Due to the limited capacity at Camp Tejas this year, unless invited directly by an attender of The Austin Stone, we would like to reserve the Retreat at Tejas spots for local Austin Stone attenders.

Our ability to give scholarships is dependent on the generosity of other registrants giving above the ticket price when they register. We want to be the best stewards of the scholarship money we have and help as many women as possible attend the retreat.

If you would like to request a scholarship for a Retreat at Tejas day pass or overnight ticket, please complete registration first and make your initial payment ($50) for the ticket type you choose. You can indicate when you register that you need a scholarship to help with part or all of the remainder of your ticket and you will be sent an application.

If you need financial assistance to purchase a Retreat at Home ticket, please fill out the scholarship request HERE prior to registering.

We understand the complexity of planning to participate in the retreat this year. One of the benefits of planning a Retreat at Tejas and a Retreat at Home is that everyone will have access to the on-demand content which can be enjoyed anytime throughout the retreat weekend and beyond. With that in mind, we ask you to be mindful of the following dates as it relates to when we can and cannot issue refunds or ticket transfers.

Retreat at Home tickets are non-refundable. If something comes up on the weekend of March 5-7 for you, you can make plans to enjoy the Retreat at Home another time that works for you! You will have access to the content through May 2021.

Retreat at Tejas tickets are refundable or transferable in the amounts and timeframes outlined below:

  • From January 10-31: Retreat at Tejas tickets are fully refundable.
  • From February 1-24: If you are no longer able to attend, your $50 initial payment will automatically be transferred to a Retreat at Home ticket and you will be refunded any payments you have made above that $50 initial payment.
  • After February 24: No refunds or transfers are available. If you register for a Retreat at Tejas ticket but cannot attend, while you will not receive a Retreat at Home Kit, you will still have access to all of the online, on-demand content that Retreat at Home ticket holders have. This deadline allows us to cover expenses already incurred related to your purchased ticket.

If you contract COVID or are exposed to someone with COVID and are not able to quarantine the adequate number of days indicated by the CDC before the retreat weekend, the same dates above will determine the extent to which we can refund, partially refund, or transfer your ticket. At a minimum, every ticket holder is guaranteed access to all of the online, on-demand retreat content which can be viewed through May 2021. If you have any remaining questions about this policy, please email women@austinstone.org. If you’d like to request a refund, please fill out this form.

We will be monitoring local COVID numbers. If we need to cancel the in-person Retreat at Tejas, we will make every effort to make that decision and notify ticket holders by Friday, February 12. At that time, all Retreat at Tejas tickets will be transferred to Retreat at Home tickets—any amount paid over the $50 initial payment will be refunded. This policy will also apply to any later cancellation of the in-person Retreat at Tejas due to circumstances beyond our control. Cancellation of the in-person Retreat at Tejas will not impact Retreat at Home resources or content.

Retreat at Home tickets can be transferred to Retreat at Tejas tickets, pending availability, through February 24 by completing the ticket change request form and paying the difference in ticket price.

Retreat at Tejas tickets can be transferred to Retreat at Home tickets (with a partial refund, if applicable) through February 24 by completing the ticket change request form.

If you need to request a change to your ticket type, please complete the ticket change request form HERE.

Your “quaran-team” is your small group (3-6) of people that you feel comfortable being in close proximity with at retreat. You determine who is in this group—maybe it’s other women from your household (like roommates), but might also include women who you see regularly or are simply comfortable rooming with for the weekend. Rooming assignments for overnight tickets will be made based on your self-selected quaran-team. It will greatly serve us for you to know who those people are before you complete registration—you will be asked to provide us their names. So, do not delay! Text your potential quaran-team now before your register!

If you are registering for a day pass, you do not need to provide us with quaran-team information.

This year, we’ll only be utilizing the “semi-private” rooms at Camp Tejas. These are cabin rooms with a private bathroom and can accommodate 3-6 women. Some include 1-2 bunkbeds. Linens and towels are provided.

Due to a desire to limit the size of groups in overnight rooms, we will not be utilizing the larger bunkhouses you may be familiar with if you’ve attended in a previous year.

If you are able to find a quaran-team before registering, that helps us out! If not, we’ve got you! If you’re coming by yourself or with one other friend (not a quaran-team of 3-6), you can absolutely still register for an overnight ticket. But because we won’t be able to give you a room to yourself or a room for two, we’ll be placing you in an assigned room with one other individual or pair of women. If you’re not comfortable with that for overnight rooming assignments, we understand and recommend that you register for Retreat at Home!

We are limiting the capacity of in-person spots at Camp Tejas in order to be able to facilitate social distancing for any indoor sessions and provide rooming assignments based on small, self-selected “quaran-teams.” We have approximately 150 overnight tickets and approximately 100 day pass tickets, which means no more than 250 people at the Retreat at Tejas.

The Retreat at Home ticket gives you all of the content of the Retreat at Tejas, but with the flexibility to gather in an environment that you feel comfortable in. Here’s what you get:

  • On-demand access to all of the Women’s Retreat 2021 main session and breakout session content (and worship!) via a password-protected site, which will go live on March 5.
  • The Retreat at Home Kit filled with everything you need to engage meaningfully with us—whether you’re joining us by yourself or with a small group of friends. The kit will include:
    • Pre-Retreat Study Guide
    • Retreat Guide filled with resources for discussion and activities throughout the weekend
    • Fun and meaningful supplies tailored to Retreat at Home to help you engage, rest, and connect
  • Access to a live-streamed, interactive panel discussion on Saturday afternoon, only for Retreat at Home registrants!

We are really excited to be able to bring you fun, meaningful, helpful supplies so you can participate in Women’s Retreat from your home this year! We hope having multiple ways to pick up your kit is a blessing to you! When you register, you’ll select an option to pick up your kit at a curbside event or porch pick-up location.

There are two curbside pick-up times, both located at The Austin Stone office. This is a great option if you are up for getting out and about and want to swing by and say hi to our team as you drive through and get your kit—we’d love to see you! Times are detailed in the registration form.

If you need the flexibility to pick your kit up at a time and location outside of our curbside options, you can choose the porch nearest you! We have multiple porch locations spread across our city. Kits will be available for pick-up anytime between February 27 and March 6. This self-serve option is fast and easy! You’ll just head over to your pre-selected porch, grab your kit from the labeled bin, and sign it out. Addresses and a map are included in the registration form.

If you don’t live in Austin, you’ll be able to indicate that when you register and we’ll email you a PDF of the Retreat Guide.

All of the content you have access to is on-demand which means it’s viewable whenever you’re ready! We’ll give you plenty of tips and tricks for how to make the most out of your weekend (whether you’re watching by yourself or gathering with a small group), but ultimately you have the freedom to make the weekend whatever you want it to be!

The only live portion is an interactive panel discussion we’ll stream from Camp Tejas (just for Retreat at Home registrants) on Saturday afternoon! Everything else is determined by you!

Planning to gather with others and need a little more guidance? The Retreat at Tejas starts Friday evening and ends Sunday late morning, and it’s possible for you to follow a similar schedule to that event! We’ll send out a more detailed session overview as we get closer to March, but if you want to make a weekend out of it, you should! There will be more than enough content to engage with, ideas for processing, worship, and other fun activities to plan and participate in with your people—we are excited to help you make the most out of our time together!

We also know that for some of you an entire weekend “away” isn’t possible–so you can pace out viewing the main and breakout sessions as you see fit! You can get a lot out of dedicating a long evening or half of Saturday to refreshment in Jesus!

We love the idea of you joining in with your community! Our registration system is set up for individuals, so please ask everyone joining you to register independently. You’ll each receive access to on-demand content as well as the Retreat at Home Kit. If there are financial constraints, please see our scholarship policy.

Women's Team at The Austin Stone

We love to serve you and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the retreat or help you get connected at one of our congregations!

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For general information, email women@austinstone.org.