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Soul Care at The Austin Stone consists of three components: The Austin Stone Counseling Center, Recovery Ministries, and Equipping. Our passion is to see God magnified as people experience the healing and transforming power of the gospel.

The Austin Stone Counseling Center provides biblically rooted professional counseling, development programs, and training seminars. We rely on the Word of God and the work of the Holy Spirit to help people know and apply the gospel in all facets of their lives. We provide care that equips people to live on mission wherever God has called them, both locally and globally.

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Recovery is a weekly gathering where individuals grow in their understanding of the gospel and how to apply it to the various struggles in their lives. We hope that anyone struggling with their own sin, the sin of others, or the brokenness of creation would find healing and hope in Jesus Christ through the practice of confession, repentance, and celebration in the context of community.

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Recovery Ministries

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